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AsH3 is the chemical formula for arsenic trihydride, an inorganic gas used in the  manufacture of semiconductors utilized by Ash Brothers in its electrical engineering business. The inclusion of the formula in our name is an acknowledgement of the long engineering tradition in our principal's family.

The German spelling of 'consult' is further acknowledgement of our principal's East European heritage. This branch of the Asch family is traced back to Posen in East Prussia (now Posnan in Poland). The name was anglicized following emigration to England in 1870.

The red shield with silver chevrons is part of the Asch family crest. In our context, we like to think the shield stands for our robust protection of our clients' interests, and the chevrons embody our continual striving onward and upward in pursuit of excellence.






Water is the source of life. It is also a key resource in many of the projects we undertake.

The droplets represent energy in motion, illustrating our close involvement in the energy sector.

We aim to refresh our home page background regularly, to reflect our dynamic approach in all that we do.

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